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The cost of supporting children after a divorce is almost always greater than it was during the marriage. The children will have to spend time with both parents, but not at the same time, so their comforts and conveniences must be in place at both residences. Additionally, transportation costs associated with visitation can also be substantial.

This means that child support payments become a critical issue for many divorcing spouses. A child support lawyer can help you to ensure that your child's needs are met and that child support is determined fairly.

In St. Louis, the Kallen Law Firm is prepared to handle all types of child support issues. In addition to divorce and new child support cases, we can also assist with child support enforcement or modification of existing child support orders. As experienced family law and child support attorneys serving clients throughout Ballwin, Chesterfield, Clayton, Creve Coeur, and West County, we are ready to help. Contact our family law attorneys today to get answers to your questions and to learn more.

The Issue of Child Support in Divorce

When a divorce occurs, one household divides into two, and sometimes the child is the one who suffers from this division of resources. The child now needs two households with parents who provide for the child's needs and desires, and the cost of maintaining these two households is almost always substantially greater than the previous cost of a single household.

Child support payments are often determined by a series of child support charts (sometimes called "guidelines") issued by the Missouri Supreme Court that calculate child support based on the gross income of both parents. However, interpreting this chart can be complex and often requires a child support attorney to assist with distilling a chart into a workable solution for meeting the needs of the children.

Considerations like tax consequences, how to define actual gross income from varied sources, and upward or downward departures can further complicate the issue, and a child support lawyer can help you to determine the best allocation of resources to provide the best outcome for the child.

Maintaining a Focus on Overall Outcome

At the Kallen Law Firm in St. Louis, we care about the overall outcome of family law proceedings in addition to serving as your child support lawyer. We encourage our clients to make smart decisions that help reduce legal fees and create effective solutions that are best for the children.

We understand that each case is unique. Sometimes cases are best resolved by smart compromises that help to preserve the future of the parent-child relationship and build a positive environment for effective co-parenting. Sometimes cases are best resolved by an aggressive child support lawyer who can help a client protect his or her interests. While it is usually best to tread gently in child support issues, we do not hesitate to act aggressively as child support lawyers when doing so is in the best interest of our clients.

Protecting Women's Rights as a Child Support Lawyer

In the state of Missouri, daycare expenses are factored into the child support calculation. This sometimes results in working mothers receiving an amount that is not suitable for adequately supporting their children. Our child support lawyers maintain a special focus on protecting the rights of working mothers. We are committed divorce lawyers for women and advocate for women to make sure they receive the resources to which they are entitled.

Careful and Aggressive: The Perfect Combination

St. Louis Child Support Lawyers

Many divorcing couples would initially prefer a peaceful dissolution (also known as a collaborative divorce) of the marriage, but child support is often a sticking point where tensions rise. While it is usually ideal to have friendly and polite negotiations, sometimes that is not possible, so it is important to have a child support lawyer who will not back down from conflict if that conflict becomes unavoidable. Our child support lawyers are not afraid to advocate aggressively for our clients if aggressive action is required to protect the interests of the client and the child.

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